5at Train

The 5AT Group - Steaming Ahead with Advanced Technology

Enhancing Performance -- Improving Reliability -- Reducing Costs -- Controlling Emissions

People who led the 5AT Project

The 5AT project required a substantial effort from a relatively small number of people to bring it to the stage where a feasibility study could be drawn up.

Those who were involved in the project have since moved on to form the Advanced Steam Traction group with the intention of taking forward the knowledge gained from their work on the 5AT.  All share the same passion for the steam locomotive as every steam enthusiast. They differ only in focussing on the future for steam traction rather than its past.

Members of the 5AT Group included:

not forgetting Dr. Alan Fozard who led the 5AT team and who continues to advise the 5AT Group on commercial matters, and  Robin Barnes who produced so many paintings to promote the project.