5at Train

The 5AT Group - Steaming Ahead with Advanced Technology

Enhancing Performance -- Improving Reliability -- Reducing Costs -- Controlling Emissions

5AT Group's Objectives

The 5AT Group’s primary objective is to continue the work that it began with the promotion and development of the 5AT Locomotive.  With the suspension of the 5AT Project, the Group will focus on small short term projects that can be easily achieved while it evolves new longer term goals.

The Group's aims remain largely unchanged - viz: to ensure a continuing and long-term presence of steam traction on main and heritage line operations, through the development and application of improved technologies that will:

  • improve locomotive reliability;
  • improve locomotive efficiency;
  • reduce carbon and spark emissions;
  • reduce locomotive maintenance costs;
  • reduce locomotiveoperating and ownership costs.
In addition, the Group aims to:
  • Preserve the engineering skills and knowledge required to design and build new main line steam locomotives;
  • Expand interest in modern steam traction amongst engineers, students and future generations of children.