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Malcolm Cluett

Malcolm CluettMalcolm Cluett: a mechanical engineer, who once worked on the Hamersley Iron Railway in Western Australia at the time Pendennis Castle was operating there.

Malcolm has assisted the 5AT project from time to time, most notably when he presented a paper titled "Economics of Steam Traction for the Transportation of Coal by Rail" to the CORE2008 Conference on Railway Engineering in Perth, Western Australia on 9th Sept 2008, based on the paper by Chris Newman that was published in the proceedings of the conference.

Malcolm also authored a paper titled "Recent Developments in Steam Technology" which he presented to a meeting of Engineers Australia, Railway Technical Society of Australasia, Sydney Division at Chatswood, Sydney on 1st March 2007.

Malcolm is an active member of the NSW Rail Transport Museum and currently involved in the restoration of the NSW Garratt Locomotive No 6029.

Malcolm lives in Como, Sydney, Australia.