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The 5AT Group - Steaming Ahead with Advanced Technology

Enhancing Performance -- Improving Reliability -- Reducing Costs -- Controlling Emissions

Membership of the 5AT Group

Membership of the 5AT Group is open to anyone who has an interest in Modern Steam.

The group's constitution defines three classes of membership as follows:

  • Associate membership - available to anyone who completes the Associate Membership application form and pays the annual membership fee (currently set at £20).  Associate membership does not carry with it any voting rights, however associate members will be eligible for election to Full Membership after two years active membership of the Group.
  • Corporate membership - available to any organisation or company that completes the Corporate Membership application form and pays the annual membership fee as determined by the Committee at the time of application.  Corporate Members may nominate a representative to attend group meetings who will have the same voting rights as full members.
  • Full membership - available to Associate Members who have provided active support to the Group for at least two years and have been elected to full membership by the General Committee.  The two year waiting period may be waived in the case of individuals who, because of their specialist expertise, are invited by the General Committee to join the Group as full members. Full members are entitled to vote at Group meetings.
The Group particularly needs new members with any the following skills and/or experience:
  • Mechanical engineering design and drafting;
  • Financial and/or economic analysis;
  • Promotion and marketing;
  • Arranging finance and/or sponsorship;
  • Legal matters;
  • Grant applications to public or charitable organizations and institutions;
  • Commercial railway operation;
  • Railway vehicle leasing.

Since the Group currently has no financial backing, it is not possible to offer monetary rewards to those who offer assistance.  All work carried out by 5AT Group members to date has been on a voluntary and unpaid basis, though where possible out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed.

If you have skills or experience that could be helpful and you would like to help, please write to us at webmaster@5at.co.uk and if possible send us your CV as per the attached pro-forma.  All CVs that are sent to us will be treated in the strictest confidence.