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Ordering Page for the 5AT FDCs

5AT FDC Publication Front Cover

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a printed copy of David Wardale's "Fundamental Design Calculations" for the 5AT Locomotive. The book, described in the Review pages of this website, consists of 556 page A4 "perfect bound" (soft-cover) pages containing over 6,500 lines of design calculations and 102 diagrams.

The calculations are published at the specific request of David Wardale who wants his work to be made available to anyone wishing to put them to use and/or to those wishing to become familiar with Porta’s design methodology.  Wardale sees the published FDCs as a companion volume to his book "The Red Devil and Other Tales from the Age of Steam" in that together they combine virtually all of his knowledge and experience relating to steam locomotive engineering.

The purchase price for the book is £45.00 (see note below) plus postage and packing.  The cost of packaging is estimated to be £1.20, while postage within the UK will be via Royal Mail at their quoted rate of £2.80.

The following rates for overseas deliveries are quoted by Royal Mail for International "Tracked and Signed" deliveries for a single book weighing less than 2kg:

    Europe:         £16.96
  • World Zone 1: £23.25
  • World Zone 2: £25.00

Please see http://www.royalmail.com/international-zones for definition of the above postal zones.  This shows Russia and its satellite states included within the Europe zone.   "Rest of the World Zone 1" applies to USA and Canada, Central and South America, Africa, and Asia excluding Russia and its satellite states.  "Rest of the World Zone 2" applies to Australasia and Pacific Islands.

For delivery to "high risk" countries in which mail deliveries are said to be unreliable such as: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, the Philippines and South Africa, customers may be requested to accept all risks of loss.
If you would like to order a single copy of the book to be delivered using Royal Mail services, please select from the following price options, each of which includes the cost of the book plus packing and postage costs:

Book Price including postage


If you wish to nominate an alternative delivery company or order more than one copy of the book please email info@advanced-steam.org quoting your preferred delivery company and/or the number of copies that you wish to purchase, and your shipping address. We will advise applicable postage rates and send a payment request (via PayPal) for the total amount.

Important Notes:

  1. All proceeds from the sale of the book will accrue to Advanced Steam Traction Services Ltd. (ASTS), and will be used to fund its work improving the performance, reliability and/or economy of steam locomotives.
  2. Since no royalties or other commissions are being paid from books sold directly by ASTS, and since ASTS has few overheads and no paid staff, you can be reassured that almost 100% of proceeds from the book will be put to good use.
  3. Because of unpredictable demand, this book is being printed in small batches of 20 or 30 copies.  As a result, there may sometimes be a short delay in delivery following placement of an order.