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As a finale to the 5AT Project, the Advanced Steam Traction group is making available printed copies of the Fundamental Design Calculations for the 5AT Locomotive, as prepared by David Wardale.

This unique reference volume fills 556 A4 pages incorporating over 6,500 lines of calculation and 102 diagrams, providing enough information to guide the design of virtually any locomotive following Porta's methodology as used by Wardale in the redesign of his renown Red Devil.

Details of the book can be found in the review section of this website, and the book may be purchased either through the Sales page of this site or through the identical page on the Advanced Steam Traction website.  Whichever page is used to order this book, all proceeds from its sale will accrue to Advanced Steam Traction Services Ltd., and will be used to fund its work improving the performance, reliability and/or economy of steam locomotives.