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Presentations on Modern Steam

Numerous presentations have been made relating to the 5AT Project.  Indeed, they continue to be made even after the project's suspension, since the project is still of interest and significance to anyone interested in steam traction.  Presentations about the 5AT may be found on a separate page which may be found under the 5AT Project menu heading.

This page is intended to provide access to presentations relating to modern steam traction that are not specifically 5AT-related.

Two presentations are currently available in this category as follows:

  • A presentation titled "Predicting Steam Performance" that was presented by Dr David Pawson at a meeting of the 5AT Group in October 2012.  The paper discusses his predicts of steam locomotive performance based on Prof Hall's "perform" loco simulation software and on Dr Pawson's analysis of test plant data from Rugby, Swindon (UK), Vitry(France)  and Altoona (USA).  A copy of Dr Pawson's discussion paper on the subject is also available for download.
  • A presentation titled "STEAM" by Jamie Keyte, also given at the Oct 2012 meeting of the 5AT Group. The paper describes Jamie's spreadsheet model (called called “STEAM”, meaning Steam Traction Engineering Analysis Method) for predicting steam locomotive performance. 
  • A presentation titled "Steam Locomotive Dynamics" by Owen Evans, a specialist in rail vehicle dynamics from Delta Rail.