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Enhancing Performance -- Improving Reliability -- Reducing Costs -- Controlling Emissions

5AT Project Timeline

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An approximate time-line history of the project is as follows:

  • 1998 - Concept outlined by Wardale in his book "The Red Devil and Other Tales from the Age of Steam".
  • 1998 - Wardale published an article titled "Whither Steam Now" in the April edition of Steam Railway Magazine.
  • 2000 - Robin Barnes prepared the first of many illustrations of the 5AT, which appeared publicly in the October edition of Locomotives International.
  • 2001 - Project formalized when David Wardale recruited Alan Fozard to assist him in developing a Business Plan for the Project.  Around the same time, David Smith began assisting with some early detail design calculations and 3D drawings.
  • 2002 - Chris Newman joined the project at the end of 2001 and published the project's website in mid 2002.
  • 2003, October - 
    • Alan Fozard made the first formal presentation about the project at the First International Conference on Steam and Tourist Railways at Brienz in Switzerland.
    • Jonathan Glancy wrote a lengthy article in the Guardian newspaper titled "Steam power on track for great renaissance" reporting Alan's presentation.
    • BBC Radio recorded an interview with Alan Fozard about his Brienz presentation.
  • 2003, December - enquiry about steam traction received from Indonesia, following which Chris Newman made several trips to Jakarta and undertook detailed costing analyses that formed the basis of a 2008 "Feasibility Report on Rail Traction Options" that he summarized in a paper titled "Feasibility of Steam Traction of Coal Transportation in Developing Countries".
  • 2006, December - York Conference - presentations by David Wardale and Chris Newman.
  • 2010, February - completion of project Feasibility Study.
  • 2010, April - launch of new 5AT website.