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5AT Photos

Below are a selection of photos taken some of the events at which the 5AT Project was represented.

 14th Oct 2007 - Salt, Staffordshire, UK

Attendees at meeting of the 5AT Planning Committee held at Alan Fozard's home in Salt, Staffordshire, 14th Oct 2007.
Left to right: Chris Newman; Richard Coleby; Alan Fozard; John Hind; Mike Horne; Jamie Keyte.
In front of the group is William Powell's beautifully prepared model of the 5AT Locomotive (see below)

2nd Jul 2007 - Dunedin, New Zealand

Brian McCammon and Chris Newman standing in front of NZR Ja Class 4-8-2 No 1274 caged inside Dunedin's City Museum.
Brian, who lives in Dunedin, has done much research into bio-fuel options and emissions for the 5AT Project.

28th Jun 2007 - Bournemouth, England

Alan Fozard admires William Powell's completed model of the 5AT at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.

2nd Mar 2007 - Sydney, Australia

Chris Newman, Malcolm Cluett and Robin Barnes at a chance meeting in Sydney.
Both Chris and Robin happened to arrive in the city on the same day, and met at Malcolm's house the following day.
Malcolm is holding Robin's (then) latest vision of the 5AT.

11th Dec 2006 - Modern Steam Conference held at the National Railway Museum in York including photos presented earlier on the News page:.

Chris Newman (5AT), Richard Siddall and Andrew King (both from Alstom), John Hind (5AT) and Thomas Schmid attending pre-conference dinner

Thomas Schmid, Roger Waller and Felix Schmid at pre-conference dinner.

Dave Wardale presents paper on the Design of the 5AT.

Chris Newman presents his paper on Traction Cost Comparisons for Indonesian Coal Haulage.

Kirklees Light Railway locomotive "Fox" in steam at the York Conference

Ian Screeton (Kirklees Light Railway) discusses about "Fox" with David Wardale

Alan Fozard and Robin Barnes

Post-conference dinner:- Left: John Wright and Chris Parrott. Right: Chris Newman, Alan Fozard and Robin Barnes.

Post-conference dinner:- Left: Dave Wardale and Nigel Day; right: Richard Moffat and Martyn Bane.

Post-conference dinner:- as above, but with John Johnston next to Martyn Bane.
Next to him, Adam Harris (Camden Miniature Steam), and Roger Waller in foreground

Post-conference dinner:- Left: Roger Waller; right: John Wright, Chris Parrott, Angus Eickhoff and Janet Farahar.


15th Oct 2005 - Darlington

David Bedding (A1 Trustee); John Duncan (5AT Technical Adviser); Alan Fozard (Chairman of 5AT Commercial Planning Committee);
David Elliot (Director of Engineering A1 Trust); John Hind (Chairman of 5AT Engineering Design Planning Committee)

John Duncan discusses details on A1 boiler drawings with David Elliot; Alan Fozard and John Hind behind.

8th April 2005 - Rio Turbio, Argentina

Shaun McMahon (right) and Chris Newman standing in front of RFIRT Santa Fe 2-10-2 No 116 at the Rio Turbio workshops, Patagonia, Argentina.
No 116 has been returned to working order (in orginal pre-Porta condition) by the workshop's "worker's cooperative".

16th Oct 2004 - Stafford

Dominic Wells, John Hind, John Duncan and David Smith at the 16th Oct 2004 5AT meeting (held at Alan Fozard's home).

Dominic Wells, David Smith, John Hind, John Duncan, Alan Fozard and Chris Newman after 16th Oct 2004 5AT meeting.

23rd Oct 2003 - Beijing

Dave Wardale and Chris Newman - meeting in Beijing, 23rd Oct 2003 

October 2003 - Brienz, Switzerland
First Formal Presentation of 5AT Project by Alan Fozard - see transcipt of paper

Alan Fozard presenting his paper "Making the commercial case for the 5AT" at the 1st International Steam and Tourist Railway Congress - Brienz, Switzerland, 5th Oct 2003


Alan Fozard with David Morgan at the lectern - answering questions at the 1st International Steam and Tourist Railway Congress - Brienz, Switzerland, 5th Oct 2003

John Wright, Chris Newman and Matt Janssen (Vapor Locomotive Company) in deep discussion at the 1st International Steam and Tourist Railway Congress - Brienz, Switzerland, 5th Oct 2003


"5AT Stand" at the 1st International Steam and Tourist Railway Congress - Brienz, Switzerland, 5th Oct 2003:
Left to right: Alan Fozard; Martyn Bane; David Smith; Chris Newman.


On an "after-Congress" tour of the Brienz-Rothorn-Bahn locomotive maintenance facilities, Brienz, 8 Oct 2003
Roger Waller pointing out features of one of his locomotives; Martyn Bane behind him.
 Sept 2003 - UK A less formal meeting on 27th September 2003 - in Llanberis, North Wales.


Left to right: Nigel Day; Chris Newman; Martyn Bane. On a visit to the Talyllyn Rly on 28th Sept 2003:

Left to right: Peter Mintoft; the late John Slater (past editor of Railway Magazine); Chris Parrott; Angus Eikhoff; Martyn Bane At the Catash Inn, North Cadbury, Somerset on 29th Sept 2003:

Left to right: Martyn Bane; Chris Newman; Paul Catchpole (editor of Locomotives International)

25th August 2003 - Staffordshire 25th August 2003 - First formal meeting of people involved in the planning of the project; at Alan Fozard's home in Staffordshire, England.

Left to right: Shaun McMahon (on holiday from Argentina); Martyn Bane; John Duncan; Alan Fozard; David Smith