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  The Class 5AT Advanced Technology Steam Locomotive Project   

New Generation Steam -- The Ultimate 4-6-0 -- 380 mile range -- An Engineering Legacy 

5AT Project Presentations

The 5AT project continues to attract much interest from railway enthusiasts, modellers, rail transport specialists and the media. Requests are frequently received from societies and other groups for members of the 5AT team to make presentations about the project.

Several PowerPoint presentations have been prepared focussing on a range of subjects, each aimed at suiting the requirements of particular audience types. The prepared presentations are currently as follows:

  • The history behind the 5AT project, the reasons for the project and the current status of the project - overview approximately 30 mins duration; full presentation approximately 60 mins.
  • The Engineering behind the 5AT locomotive, the current status, review of the CAD and issues that have been identified during this and the FEA processes - overview approximately 40 mins duration; full presentation approximately 80 mins.
  • The concept of locomotive variations based on the 5AT concept and using as many common components as possible, including the areas of the locomotive that will have to be different to accommodate the variation characteristics - overview approximately 20 mins duration; full presentation approximately 45mins.
  • Potential usage of the 5AT variants, in particular in the application for steam hauled coal mine railways, their relative costs and track layout requirements for economic operation - overview approximately 20 mins duration; full presentation approximately 50 mins.

No charge is made for these presentations, however we do ask that our travel costs be reimbursed and, where necessary, accommodation costs.

We have several presenters and potential presenters located in the UK and in several other countries and continents. If anyone or any organization would like us to make a presentation for them, they are requested to download our 5AT Presentations Questionnaire document, fill in the details of the presentation or presentations that they would like, and forward it to us at webmaster@5at.co.uk.

Past presentations include the following:

A 111 page (18 MB) PowerPoint file can be downloaded by clicking here.  The file is made available as a resource to presenters of 5AT presentations by allowing them to select and make use of pages that may be relevant to their chosen topic.  The file is password protected.  Please contact webmaster@5at.co.uk if you would like to make use of this file.