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  The Class 5AT Advanced Technology Steam Locomotive Project   

New Generation Steam -- The Ultimate 4-6-0 -- 380 mile range -- An Engineering Legacy 

5AT Models - Real and Virtual

The 5AT has attracted much interest amongst model-makers in recent times, and several models have either been produced or are in the process of production. These include:

  • A virtual model by Laura MacFadyen, a student at Bournemouth University;
  • A physical model by William Powell, former student at Bournemouth Arts Institute;
  • Another virtual model being made for Chad Noh of Georgia, USA, to run on Auran Trainz software;
  • A Lego model by an unknown modeller;
  • A virtual model by Mike Allen. 

Laura MacFadyen (2008)


Laura Macfadyen (photo right), a student at Bournemouth University, elected to make a virtual model of the 5AT for her final year project in her Computer Modelling & Animation BSc(Hons) course. She began work on the model in November 2007 basing her work on such drawings and illustrations of the locomotive that we could make available to her, and she completed her model (including animation) in June 2008. For her efforts, she was awarded a First Class Honours degree which she can justly be proud of.

Laura has produced two animations. One is a "show-reel" of various projects that she has completed during her three years of study, including a "tottering man" (depicted as Winston Churchill), a 1940s Duesenberg car, and a robot from the Matrix III movie, as well as the 5AT. The second is an animation of the 5AT itself.

Below are some earlier illustrations of Laura's completed model prior to "painting".

Laura's model


William Powell: William Powell, a student at Bournemouth Arts Institute, chose to make for his final year project a 1:30 model of the 5AT. He began work on the model in January 2007 basing his work on such drawings and illustrations of the locomotive that were available, and he completed the model in May 2007 by when he had run out of time to apply a livery scheme to it, hence the model was finished in matt white. Photos of William's work are presented in chronological order below. We congratulate William on an excellent job and wish him every success in his career. William has kindly made the model available to the 5AT group to use at conferences and at promotional events.

Below - William Powell and Alan Fozard meet at William's graduation in June 2007

Below - William's model at end of January 2007

Below - Mid March 2007

Below - Mid April 2007

Below - at completion in early May 2007


Chad Noh: Chad has commissioned a virtual model of the 5AT to run on Auran Trainz software. As at March 6th 2008, the model had only just begun to take shape and a preview of it is shown below.

Other models of the 5AT are also appearing. A Lego example was recently found by Martin Schliemann at http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/20520 (see image below).

Mike Allen: We are still hopeful that Mike Allen will complete another virtual model of the 5AT to run on Microsoft's train simulation software. Mike sent two examples of his work, one of which is (interestingly) of a Standard 8F (a conceptual design that was featured in a recent edition of Steam Railway magazine). Mike's great-grandfather was W.P Allen, a top link driver on the NER and LNER and whose name was given to Peppercorn A1 Pacific No 60114.

The 5AT project welcomes modellers who are interested in modelling the locomotive and, as we did for William Powell, we will make available all drawings and illustrations that we have in order to assist in the work.