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  The Class 5AT Advanced Technology Steam Locomotive Project   

New Generation Steam -- The Ultimate 4-6-0 -- 380 mile range -- An Engineering Legacy 

Situations Vacant


Have you the enthusiasm, experience and vision to help lead the 5AT Project to successful implementation and ensure the future of the steam locomotive?

If so then please read on…

The 5AT Project aims to design and develop a modern steam locomotive to haul steam excursion and cruise trains on the modern main line network using the latest steam locomotive technology and engineering techniques.  The locomotive will not only provide exceptional performance, efficiency, reliability, range and speed compared to existing steam locomotives but will demonstrate to the world what can be achieved with ”Second Generation” steam (SGS).  Its implementation will also create a team of younger design engineers with detailed knowledge of second generation steam design, manufacture and testing. Their knowledge and experience will be unique and ultimately be available for future developments of the steam locomotive for worldwide use.

The 5AT Group (the volunteer organisation promoting the project) are searching for volunteers to fill two new and very important positions:

Chair of the 5AT Commercial Planning Working Party.

The Commercial Planning Working Party (CPWP) is the senior of the three 5AT Group Planning Working Parties – the other two being the Marketing and Engineering Planning Working Parties.  CPWP’s main objective is to help facilitate the formation and funding of the proposed SGS Locomotive Development Company.  Members of CPWP will need to identify the ultimate promoters of the proposed SGS Loco DevCo and assist them in drawing up the formal business plan which will be required to gain finance.   Almost certainly this will include face to face discussions and negotiations with potential promoters, suppliers of finance and relevant organisations within the rail industry.

We are looking for a volunteer with flair and relevant commercial and financial expertise, and a keen interest in the future of steam locomotion, to chair the working party and help set the overall direction of the Group.   An ideal candidate would be an entrepreneur with a successful background of setting up, financing and running a company or alternatively someone with a significant experience of financing and building up an existing company or charitable organisation.

Chair of Marketing Planning Working Party

The Marketing Planning Working Party (MPWP) has the role of promoting the “AT” brand including planning and implementing all aspects of publicity.   This includes maintenance of contact lists, organising and issuing press releases, arranging presentations, compiling and placing articles on the project, keeping the website up to date and other aspects of modern marketing.  It also includes responding to enquiries received via the website and day to day communication with the many contacts who have expressed interest in the 5AT Project.

Ideally MPWP will be chaired by a person who has considerable experience of marketing within the financial, engineering or rail related sectors and who also has a keen interest in steam locomotives.

If you are interested in learning more and could be interested in filling one of these roles, please get in touch with Chris Newman by email at info@5at.co.uk.   Job descriptions for both positions are available on request. Copies of the 5AT Project Feasibility Study, undertaken to establish the technical and commercial viability of the project, will also be made available.

Note: Since the 5AT Group is currently a purely voluntary organisation, no remuneration or expenses will be payable for either position at the present time.