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Robin Barnes

Robin Barnes "on track" in PatagoniaRobin describes himself as follows:

"Brought up in the mid and late 1940s with a busy main line railway at one hand and a steeply graded colliery line on the other, both exclusively operated by steam locomotives, I could not but become enthused.  Later years saw interests broaden, leading to a varied career which included over fifteen years in civil aviation (the word 'security' then unheard of – innocent days) and in the museum service (including the role of Custodian of the Lauriston Castle Museum near Edinburgh).  Other interests include a fascination with modern European history (post-1800), and of course railway history, especially in the development of the locomotive.  This led to facing the challenge of interpreting in perspective working drawings of unfulfilled designs and now, in a very particular challenge, in the 5AT project.  The illustrations for this were prepared under the close supervision of David Wardale, who absolutely correctly was concerned that what was produced reflected exactly his thinking. I have greatly enjoyed this, and also the fact that although today it is a simple matter to produce such images electronically, many people have told me they prefer the 'richness and depth' that paint, applied to brush to paper in the traditional manner, brings to them."

Robin fails to mention is that he has authored several fascinating books on some of the more obscure aspects of railway history, including the following which are both highly recommended if they can be procured:

The photo above is of the man himself "on-track" in Patagonia in 2004 during a visit to Argentina.

As noted in the News pages of this website, Robin will give an illustrated talk with slides of his own work, on selected aspects of Edinburgh's 19th Century railways.  The talk, titled "A Capital System", will be given at 10:30am on Wednesday 18 August 2010 at Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh, a beautiful setting overlooking the River Forth.  Cost to attend will be just £8; however bookings are necessary - please contact 0131 529 3963 Mon-Fri 09.30-16.00.