5at Train

  The Class 5AT Advanced Technology Steam Locomotive Project   

New Generation Steam -- The Ultimate 4-6-0 -- 380 mile range -- An Engineering Legacy 

John Hind, BSc, C.Eng, MIMechE

John Hind (c. 2009)John is a Chartered Engineer and member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.  He is a project management and project-planning specialist, with over 20 years of experience in the Power Generation and Automobile industries. 

In the 70’s John was part of the GWS team that rescued ex GWR 2-6-2 5572 from Barry scrap yard.  He is currently one of the shareholders in sister-engine 5542 and was involved in the manufacture of new parts for its restoration.

John wrote two articles for Steam Railway Magazine titled "Do You Want New Steam?" (Issues 288/9 in 2003).

John has been involved with the 5AT group since 2006 and as well as chairing the Engineering Planning Working Party (EPWP), he has undertaken detailed estimates of both costs and timescale for the 5AT project.  The techniques used allow the 5AT Group to estimate the costs for new-build steam locomotives, whether for heritage or mainline use.

John comments "the 5AT has the all the technical, financial and human challenges found on other projects, and for me it answers two questions

  1. To what extent could steam technology be developed? and
  2. How can we apply 21st century tools and techniques to develop a radically better machine?’

John lives near Manchester in England.