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Feb 28, 2014

Clan Project invites 5AT Group to conduct Feasibility Study

Category: General
Posted by: Chris Newman

The Clan Group has invited the 5AT Group to undertake a Feasibility Study to report on improvements that might be incorporated into their new-build Clan Class locomotive No 72010, Hengist, based on the work undertaken by David Wardale on the Fundamental Design Calculations for the 5AT Project.

On 27th Feb 2014, the Clan Project's website announced the following press release:

The The Clan Project is pleased to announce that they have asked the 5AT Group to carry out a Feasibility Study to look at improving the performance of 72010 to make it suitable for the 21st century railway. The Feasibility Study will look at the exhaust system, boiler, piston valves and pistons. The improvements are targeted at performance and economy.

Before development stopped on steam locomotives, British Railways were looking at further improvements to the draughting, beyond those carried out to the initial batch of locomotives. This approach is consistent with the intention to build 72010 with the modifications proposed for the cancelled second batch of locomotives.

The 5AT Group, in partnership with the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, has recently completed the installation of a Lempor Exhaust on ex-US Army Transportation Corp S160 No 5820.

Geoff Turner – Engineering Director of the Clan Project commented – “This is a wonderful opportunity to further enhance the design of the ‘Clans’ as a continuation of the 1954 design improvements. The 5AT group have a great deal of knowledge from design work undertaken for the 5AT locomotive which can be incorporated into the development of the ‘Clan’ making it a suitable locomotive for the 21st Century and to keep up with the latest requirements for mainline operations.”

John Hind – Chairman of the 5AT Group commented - “A great deal has been learnt during the 5AT project that applies to steam locomotives of all types, and we are excited to use the legacy of 5AT for the benefit of the Clan Project.”