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Nov 18, 2012

Oct 2012 Meeting of the 5AT Group

Category: General
Posted by: Chris Newman

The newly formalized 5AT Group recently held a 'new members' meeting at Crewe .  The meeting was attended by almost all of the existing membership including:  John Hind (Group Chairman), Mike Horne (Secretary), Paul Hibberd (Treasurer), Richard Coleby, Jamie Keyte, Iain Jack, John Duncan, and Chris Newman who was visiting from his home in Beijing.  Only Alan Fozard was unable to attend and sent his apologies.

Invitees who attended the meeting included:

  • Cedric Lodge and Robin Penny with interests in narrow gauge locomotives
  • Owen Evans from Delta Rail and specialist in rail vehicle dynamics
  • Brian Hall from the B17 Group;
  • Dr. David Pawson, retired industrial chemist and expert investigator of Rugby and Swindon locomotive test plant data.

After introductions including a presentation by John Hind on the 5AT Group’s past, present and future plans.  Mike Horne gave an insight into the locomotive survey that we are doing with the Heritage Railway Association and a number of technical papers were presented :

  • Owen Evans presented a very interesting paper titled "Steam Locomotive Dynamics", describing his recent work for the A1 Trust, focussing on the vehicle dynamics of the A1 and P2 designs, and in particular the swing-link centering mechanism of the P2’s leading truck and the Cartazzi  axle on both types. 
  • Jamie Keyte gave a presentation titled "STEAM" that described Jamie's spreadsheet model (called called “STEAM”, meaning Steam Traction Engineering Analysis Method) for predicting steam locomotive performance.
  • Brian Hall gave a presentation on the aims of the newly formed B17 Group;
  • Dr. David Pawson presented a paper on predicting steam locomotive performance based his predictions of steam locomotive performance using Prof Hall's "perform" loco simulation software and on his analysis of test plant data from Rugby, Swindon (UK), Vitry(France)  and Altoona (USA)   David has kindly made a copy of his presentation available for publication on this website together with the discussion paper that it was based on.