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Research Opportunities relating to the 5AT and Modern Steam

Whilst the 5AT Project currently has no funding available to sponsor research work, it will provide all the assistance that it can to assist students and others who wish to undertake research that might increase the knowledge and improve the technology on which "modern steam" is based. 

Suggested lines of research include:

  • theoretical and practical approaches to reducing cylinder "wall effects" or condensation, e.g. by applying insulation to the non-rubbing surfaces that are subjected to heating/cooling cycles, such as steam passages, cylinder covers and piston faces.
  • Develop a computer model (using finite element analysis) for predicting stresses in locomotive boilers more accurately than current boiler codes currently do, and verifying its output by field testing of actual boilers.  [This proposal was put forward by Nigel Spurr, who believes that future boiler inspectors may not have the knowledge or experience to validate new boiler designs, and that what may be considered safe may not be (and vice versa).] 
  • List to be extended ....

 Past cooperations have included: 

  • Wind tunnel tests to evaluate the smoke deflecting capabilities of a (1:24 scale) model 5AT undertaken by Mathew Turner under the supervision of Terry Flynn at the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of New South Wales.
  • ....